A Killer Introduction


First impressions are everything, especially in cyberworld. Since you have no clue who I am, or why I am so awesome, I will help you understand.
I am not new to the blogging world. I have a very extensively kept blog on Livejournal under the same name. Feel free to read those postings if you care to, but they are nothing like what I hope to keep here. I came to realize today that all my writings over the last few years have been put out there on the internet, and yet it hasn’t been open for everyone. What is the point of keeping a blog or a journal on the internet if it is not meant to be read? You might as well keep a pen and paper diary under your pillow and scribble in it everynight about your thoughts. That’s worthless bullshit. I want to use my extensive knowledge and my ability to entertain, to rock the world.
You see, I’m not a quiet person, not by a long shot. I crave socialization, and since I’m constantly on the move, it is hard for me to have consistent daily interactions with folks. Therefore, I have turned to the internet to satsify my longings for friendship and intellectual stimulation. I like to pick up my life and move across countries a few times a year, usually with no purpose and especially with no plan. I don’t care to think about how I will get by everyday, I just know that I will. I am currently in Denmark, living quite comfortably, but I have an itch to transplant my life again, already. I only just arrived here 2 months ago, after abruptly leaving my job and all my stuff in New Orleans and catching the first flight out with my last $80 dollars in my pocket. Not the wisest decision I’ve made, but by far the most satisfying. You see, my boyfriend lives here, and after a year and a half of constantly traveling around the world to see each other for a few weeks at a time, I gave in and left everything behind to be with him. It has been great to spend so much time with each other, but I can’t quiet the beast inside me that says ‘time to go.’ So, on to my next stop….Beijing…hopefully anyhow. I only have $3.58 dollars to my name, and as far I remember, that’s not enough for a plane ticket and a visa. But I always scrape by.

So, if I have interested you in some small way, I do hope you will come back for more, becuase there is so much more, oh so much….like this little gem I found from my time in Huzhou, China:

Smashing watermelons


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