Suspending contracts, saving money


The last few days I’ve been super busy preparing for my hasty departure from Denmark to China. I have been struggling with how I will obtain my visa, since the embassy in Copenhagen won’t grant me a visa because I’m only a tourist here, so I have had to redirect my travels to Hong Kong so I can buy a visa there and take the 26 hour train journey northward to Beijing. What a nuisance. Today I had to contact my annoying phone company because my 3 month suspension is about to expire and I don’t get service here or in Asia, and I don’t want to pay $100 dollars a month not to use something. If anyone is familiar with how Verizon or any of its competition likes to run business, you know that they require a nasty early contract breachment fee. Frankly, I think it is stupid to charge someone close to $200 dollars to get rid of some shitty service they no longer want. I am extremely tight on money, and have no desire to pay those bastards anything to get rid of their service. So, I decided to find a way around the cancellation fee, and this is what I discovered:

How to get out of paying your monthly Verizon Wireless service AND avoid an early cancellation fee while you are traveling or just really tight on money:

1. Call Customer Service or just dial *611 from your phone and select the option to temporarily suspend service

2. Every 90 days, remember to call back and simply resuspend your phone if necessary. You can call the same number to reactivate your phone.

They charge you 0.00 to suspend your phone and send you monthly 0.00 balances to your email so you know that they aren’t charging your account. When I spoke to the kind agent on the phone today she told me that it is possible to do this, for as long as you need without ever being charged. You only have to remember to call every 90 days to resuspend your account free of charge. So, while I’m not sure exactly when I will ever return to the States, I now don’t have to pay a single cent for a service I’m not using, and I don’t have to pay their money grubbing asses any money to cancel and then reopen an account. The best part about all this, is that you get to keep your phone number, and you just finish out the number of months left on your contract, when you are able to.


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