Unique jewelry, handmade with love


Adara’s blog | uniqueness,taste,handmade with love,personality.

My best friend Anca runs this website, and makes all the jewelry by hand in her humble skyrise apartment in Beijing when she isn’t teaching Chinese babies how to babble in English. Check out the website, and splurge a little :p Shop here: http://blog.adara.ro/


About pumpkingoddess

In truth, I am a vagabond. For the last 2 years have not stayed in one place for longer than 3 months at time. I have a tendency to pick up my life and move on a whim to places all around the world. I have a love for food and travel, which is mostly what I will be writing about. I just arrived in China, so must of my posts for the next few months will be centered around Asia.

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